Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Like I said, I've been sick

Oh Gilmore Girls, how I love you. I love how fast you talk and your witty banter. I love all the weird relationships and strange characters. I love the small town setting of Stars Hollow and Rory's cool college life at Yale. Speaking of Yale, I have been having a bit of Ivy League jealousy. Part of me wants the more challenging academics and the intelligent and purpose-driven student body. The other part of me is glad that I can miss two days of school and work and still feel like I can stay up blogging about Gilmore Girls instead of studying. And sometimes I really do like the Provo "bubble" with all of it's quirky people that my roommates and I have deemed "classics."

So graduate school then? How about Oxford?
A girl can dream, right?

In other news, I adore hats. Even though I rarely wear them, I can't resist trying on and buying hats.
This is proof: me, my roomie heather, hats, target, and cheesy smiles.

I bought one last weekend that kind of looked like this:

Except less fedora-y and more straw hat-ish. I wish men still wore top hats and women still wore ridiculous feathered hats. And gloves. And lipstick. I'm done.

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  1. Hi Auri, miss you. I wish I looked good in a hat too. I think you have to be tall to wear a hat. There's a Sister in my ward in FL who wear's gorgeous hats to church every week. The first time I saw her at a weekday activity, I didn't recognize her!
    Sister Mitchell