Saturday, April 23, 2011

Down South, Baby

I feel exactly like a black man flying over a desert in a helicopter.

So I'm home. My family is crazy, it is fantastic (for the most part). I don't know what I am going to do with my summer, but I kind of love not knowing right now. I've ALWAYS planned out my life at least six months in advance, usually like, five years. Just living life every day is new, and I like it. My future is bright, and I actually trust myself not to mess it up so I'm not worrying. Also, I have no idea where I will be after next fall semester. But thats okay too.

My brother's old room was completely empty when I moved in and my sister mostly lives in my room now (she uses hers as a closet) so I decided to have another room for my favorite things too. On thursday I moved my desk, chair, bookshelf, and an old rocking chair into my brother's old room. The chair I found covered in pollen on our front porch so naturally I wiped it down and put new material over the seat. But thats all thats in the room. Mostly empty except my one place for writing (and doing my independent study class and scheming) and one place for reading all the books I've been wanting to get around to. Its my sanctuary. In addition to reading and writing, I really just want to paint (its so green here) and make ghetto music videos. And turn my swag on. ooooh.

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