Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I think I'm back

I've been sick for two days, I'm way behind in schoolwork, and its 11:23PM. So naturally, I feel the need to blog. Again. But this time it's not so secretive and unpersonable.

So I know you are all wondering what I mean by "The Uncommonplace Book." Well, Last year I took a comparative literature class (one of those classes you realize later was unnecessary, but you love anyway) and my professor introduced us to Michel de Montaigne, an influential french essayist. Apparently, back in the day lots of old men with nothing else to do would write in these notebooks called commonplace books ( These books were full of little bits of wisdom, random notes, recipes, essays, quotes, etc. I realized I love commonplace books and I've been sporadically keeping one since my junior year of high school. This is when my English teacher made us pick a habit to aquire in 21 days (I was very adament that mine would be a positive one, not like Supersize Me), and so I started writing. Now I have like five notebooks full of random tidbits, and well, it's time to go cyber.

So why the UNcommonplace book?
  1. I am embracing the rebel, nonconformist inside of me.
  2. I would like to think I'm a bit uncommon
  3. It's not in a notebook like common commonplace books, but on the internet.

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