Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I Love Montaigne

I think I've probably said this before and even included a picture, but I just love this guy. My grandparents have gained a pretty good selection of books over the years. A couple weekends ago I visited and found Selections from the Essays of Montaigne. It is a small blue book copyrighted 1948 and has 30 cents written in black marker on the front (I sincerely hope that was not done by my grandma).

Anyways, I have just delved into a couple of his essays like "Of Idleness" and "The True and False." He is part of the reason I started writing. Also, his essays make for a good conversation starter.

Also, I have realized that I love taking walks in the evening. I especially love it when I get a good friend to come with me to have an interesting conversation/discussion/argument. Thanks Kelsey, for letting me talk.

I think that people should write short essays about subjects they care about rather than write about the events of their day. I think it would be a much more significant piece of writing to leave behind when you die.

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