Monday, June 14, 2010

Half or Whole?

I have heard the comment "he/she is my other half" many times. It seems as if girls grow up to be a half, waiting and living to be completed by her "other half." She is not complete without her man. I have seen girls with no other goals than to get married and have kids. I am not saying that these are wrong goals (in fact, these are possibly the best goals). However, if one thinks this way, she will not try to ever be more than a half. The other half is underdeveloped or decayed. Why should I then be surprised at unhealthy relationships and divorces when girls (and guys) are just so desperate to complete themselves via someone else. Wouldn't a better alternative be to develop yourself as a whole; have your own goals and ambitions, your own talents and opinions and then find another whole person with these things too? At least it would be much more interesting. Yes, it may be hard to find a whole person with all of these halfs wandering around, but wouldn't it be worth it? Each of us have a choice: be a half and live to be completed by another half (what if the half don't fit?) or to become a whole person and join with another whole person to love and respect forever (may I go as far as to say that you must love and respect yourself first?).

Isn't two better than one?

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